Cosmetic Spot Welding of Aluminum Alloys

IWSL’s New Method Permits Selectable Weld Sizes and Strengths Of Aluminum Alloys Common Issues With Aluminum Alloy Spot Welds: Spot sizes are limited by sheet thicknesses. For example, for spot welded sheets of thickness 1.6 mm each, the weld size is limited to...

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Dr. Anthony to attend TEQIP II

Dr. Anthony (V. Ananthanarayanan) will be attending the TEQIP II workshop on October 20, 2016 as a resource for the event. This sponsored one-day workshop on opportunities and challenges in welding automation is organized by the Centre of Excellence in Welding...

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Stranded Aluminum Wire-Brass Connector welds

Innovative Weld Solutions received a request for an additional 15 stranded wire aluminum cables of size 25 mm2 welded to brass terminals for potential use as hybrid/electric automotive cables.  It is believed that the previous batch of such cables that were supplied...

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