Welding Consulting


  • Assistance with very difficult welding quality issues with a variety of processes and materials
  • Resistance Spot, Projection and Seam Welding,¬† Gas Metal and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding with single and multiple torches, Submerged Arc Welding, other arc welding processes, Friction, MIAB welding processes, Laser and electron beam welding processes
  • Steels (bare, coated, high strength, dual-phase), stainless steels, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, nickel base super alloys and a variety of other materials
  • Large volume factory welding optimization
  • Equipment specs, purchase, run-off and validation, stabilization of large-volume processes from disturbing variables, operator and engineer training, maintenance methods, shop-floor visual aids and problem solving
  • New joining techniques and innovation to reduce costs and structure weight
  • Dissimilar material welding in the solid-state, innovative tubular construction using commonly used welding processes, multi-layered materials, combining welding heat treatment of hardenable materials for tough microstructures
  • Vendor quality enhancements

Shop-floor Aids

  • Visual aids for correct set up
  • Arc welders
  • Resistance welders
  • Boundary samples of acceptable, marginal and unacceptable welds
  • One page maintenance record for each weld machine
  • Elementary problem solving trees
  • Weld test method instructions and details

Expert Witnesses

  • Extensive¬† experience with failure analysis of a component/structure and documentation
  • In-depth knowledge of the metallurgy and welding of a variety of materials
  • Familiarity with advanced destructive and non-destructive test/evaluation methods including electron microscopy
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to arrive at the root cause of a failure

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