Cosmetic Welding of Copper Sheets and Cables

Cosmetic Resistance Welding of Copper sheets and cables: IWSL’s New Method Permits high quality welding of a variety of parts together

Common Issues With Joining Copper Parts Together

  1. Copper-copper sheet resistance spot welding is commonly not possible
    • Bulk resistance of the copper parts welded and surface-to-surface resistance of the parts welded are too low for effective heat generation in common resistance spot welding (RSW)
  2. Copper stranded-wire cables of size above 15 mm2 in copper cross-section are not welded with adequate shear/peel strength by ultrasonic welding that is useful for smaller cable sizes
    • Often expensive flux-cleaning followed by soldering or other expensive methods are used join bigger cables to connectors
    • Hybrid/electric vehicles require such cable welds in large numbers

    IWSL’s New FMRW Method Permits Inexpensive Resistance Welding of Copper Parts Together

  3. Copper-copper sheet resistance spot welds are made possible by IWSL’s Focused-Melt Resistance Welding (FMRW) method
    • Thick-Thin joints can be readily made
    • Weld sizes are selectable
    • Seam welds are possible
  4. Copper Cables are welded with high shear/peel strengths higher than soldered joints
    • The joints are much less expensive to manufacture with high productivity and low labor costs

IWSL’s New FMRW Method Permits Cosmetic Spot Welding of Copper-Copper Sheets

Copper spot weld peel test demonstration

Peel Tested FMRW Copper-Copper spot weld demonstrates excellent fusion and weld quality

Copper and aluminum welded sheet and box connectors

Copper and Aluminum Cables Resistance welded to Sheet and Box Connectors With A Variety of Coatings And Plating

connector box weld shear strength

High Shear Strength Weld Of A Connector Box With A 50 mm2 Stranded Copper Wire Cable With No Deformation Of The Box Connector

cable to connector box weld

High Shear Strength Weld Of A Connector Box With A 15 mm2 Stranded Copper Wire Cable

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