Stranded Wire Cable Box Connector Welds

Frequently used in Hybrid or Electric Vehicle applications, cable box connector welds have several advantages over traditional solder connections:

  • Lower cost, higher quality, clean connections
  • Stronger and better than soldering – no highly corrosive flux to clean
  • Faster, more efficient output of parts to reduce cost
  • Patented technology at the leading edge of the industry
  • Can join large diameter (> 25mm2)stranded wire to silver plated connectors. Sizes < 25mm2 are better accomplished with ultrasonic welding
  • Able to produce quantities of welded parts in quantities of millions per year in our facility or licensing for on-site application.


We can produce stranded wire cable box connector welds to your specifications at our location and ship to you, produce them on site at your location, or license the patented technology to you. We can help you increase efficiency at lower cost, with higher strength and quality.

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