Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate Spot Welds

Diamond plate aluminum can be challenging to weld, especially while keeping its attractive cosmetic appearance. The combination of flat and raised surfaces has traditionally presented a problem as well. We can supply stronger, more attractive welds on aluminum diamond plates at lower cost, with higher strength and quality than is commercially feasible. We can also help you produce them under our license if desired. Some advantages of our patented weld process include:

  • High strength, cosmetic welds of aluminum, including diamond plate.
  • No limitations for flat vs. raised surface for a high strength weld.
  • Only spot welding process in the world which can accomplish this.
  • Able to inexpensively weld thickness combinations up to 8:1 thickness ration (example from treadplate to truck sidewall/pillars)
  • Particularly useful in truck and trailer applications.
  • Able to produce quantities of welded parts in quantities of millions per year in our facility or licensing for on-site application.


Find out more about how Innovative Weld Solutions’ patented resistance welding technology can help you produce better results faster, at lower cost than any other method available in the world.

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