Unique Aluminum Weld Technology

Focused-Melt Resistance Welding (FMRW™) benefits for application in Aluminum RV and Mobile Homes, and Flatbeds/Truck Trailers

Why you should use IWSL’s new FMRW™ Cosmetic Welding Process


  • Resistance weld process is the least expensive method of joining in any large volume factory.
    Click Here for a typical cost comparison chart.
  • IWSL’s FMRW welding enables achieving good process stability in a factory
  • Large specially engineered electrode contact area with part keeps electrodes from getting too hot, so they last long
  • “500 to 1000 welds between electrode redressing operations” unlike “30-50 welds between redressing operations” by other weld manufacturers for aluminum alloy spot welding
  • Only weld process for aluminum alloys that generates cosmetic welds to meet a target weld strength and target weld durability

Learn the applications of our patented process, and view full details below:

FMRW™ Welded Aluminum Structures Are Good For Fatigue Applications in Trucks and Tractor Trailers

Real-world Test: FMRW™ Welded Part Pass fatigue test specified by a flatbed manufacturer

fatigue resistant aluminum weld

6.25 mm thick 6061-T6 alloy FMRW weld after a peel test; cosmetic, strong and fatigue resistant

Aluminum structure fatigue applications

6.25 mm thick 6061 T-6 alloy plate FCR welded to a 6.25 mm thick 5454 H-34 alloy plate.

This Strong-Al (FCRW) weld passed fatigue test requirements of a flatbed manufacturer (0 to 1700 pounds @ 1 cycle/sec for 30,000 cycles)
*Covered by IWSL’s US and International Patents, PCT coverages and Patent Pending Applications

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Unique ability to make strong, thick and thick-thin Aluminum Alloy welds

welding thin aluminum

FMRW readily welds commonly unweldable thickness ratio of 8:1

Unusually Good Aluminum Alloy Weld Microstructures

Aluminum Alloy Weld Microstructures

Large and strong defect-free weld nuggets with non-melted and cosmetic outer layers

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Unusually Cosmetic and Strong Aluminum Alloy Welds

  • Dimpled appearance at the weld projects outwards; can be patterned to match present riveted assembly appearance if desired
  • Weld strengths are four times as much as required by AWS D17.2 and double the weld strength other welding manufacturers can attain on the same sheet thickness
Smooth finish aluminum alloy weld

One side of welded part. No surface blemish that can be felt by hand

aluminum alloy weld example

Other side of 1.6 mm thick welded part after a tensile-shear test

Now Aluminum Alloy Sheets can be spot-welded close to the edges

Spot weld at edge of aluminum alloy sheet
Strong-Al Weld Microstructure shows:
• Large weld nugget (10 mm diameter) in a thin sheet (1.6 mm)
• Non-melted outer surfaces improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the welded structure

Unusual Ability to Weld Aluminum Alloy Diamond Plates

spot welding aluminum alloy diamond plate

cosmetic weld on aluminum alloy diamond plate

Unprecedented Ability to Spot Weld Aluminum Alloy Diamond Plates Regardless of Whether the Spot is at a Flat Or Diamond Location; Large, Cosmetic and Strong Welds